Saturday, August 17, 2013

Feed The Fire / Top 5 Saturday

Anyone that grew up riding dirt bikes knows why I am lusting after one. I need a proper old man dirt bike to thrash around on. I am leaning towards a big single like a DT400 Yamaha or a PE 250 Suzuki. So I just got done mowing the yard and the old Honda was crying for a ride. Got it out a beat the shit out of it for a few. Having a backyard just big enough to hurt yourself is awesome. I was practicing my flat track lefties and then the big air contest started. Yes I totally ate shit in the one pic you can see the bare spot the exhaust guard tore up. Big scrape on the elbow and nothing but smiles.

Top5 reasons to get a dirt bike.

Number 1. Honda CM 400A models make terrible dirt bikes. Super heavy and let us not forget it is a automatic. Now it has bent bars as well. Oops 

Number 2. The sound that a 2 stroke makes and the smell is the things of magic and wonder. Time machine to my youth and if I do it right it will be my fountain of youth for a lengthy and happy life. 

Number 3. Motorcycles are supposed to be fun? Not really a question but I do take this chopper deal pretty serious. But a dirt bike is nothing but fun. Bombing gravel roads, jumping through a creek bed, climbing every hill in sight that sounds like a blast. Even crashing is fun I guess as long as you can walk away that is. Check out the prices on vintage dirt bikes and the bang for your buck is great. Lots of fun and not so much money. For the money I have in that Shovelhead I could have bought 16 old dirt bikes. Stupid

Number 4. Scary times feed the fire. One of the main reasons I love motorcycles is the scare factor. I like to scare myself just enough to make me aware. Getting a little sideways and hanging on is the real deal. I like staying in control even if I'm out of control. Everyone I have ever known that grew up riding dirt bikes make really good street bike riders. There is almost no way to teach some one how to hang it out there and stay in control. I use these skills every time someone pulls out in front of me or rides my ass. I have had a few OOOOHHH SHIIIIITTTT moments by riding to fast and not judging a corner right or blowing through a stop sign. You make a decision and follow it till the end. On a dirt bike it could mean your about to lay the bike down but instead you just ham fist the throttle and power your way up. Or you hit into a corner and the front wheel bites in at that point it is better to kick the bike out and slide off of it. But these movements are made with almost no thought you just do them. After when your heart is about to beat out of your chest that is when you think about the fancy moves you just pulled off. I like that.

Number 5. Seems to be some kind of movement of guys riding dirt bikes. I don't fucking care what anyone else is doing. I started off in the dirt and will gladly die in the dirt. The End

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  1. Cool . . . even a half smile captured, love the sideways shot down the back.