Saturday, August 31, 2013

BCR and Top 5 Saturady

Found almost all the Bay City Rollers records you would ever need for a quarter a record. So far the best one is this gem. Rock and Roll Love Letter is the best track on the record and is a bubble gum pop masterpiece. No shit I have always loved the Saturday Night song but they did write some other rockers. If you can over look the hair and outfits they are just a power pop band. So I am about to leave for the car show and I'm already tired from the Pre party. Rock and Roll Hate/love Letter.

Number 1. I know people love there cars and bikes. But you see people have bad taste. So they love terrible shit you see. Granted that is my opinion but I have good taste. So these old men bring out there Rat Rods and think we are gonna like them. Then I crush them and they get pissed off. I then tell them if they do not like our rules then start your own fucking car show. You can then make the rules and I will go and act like a 10 year old that doesn't get what they want. 

Number 2. See at the end of the day does any of this hate gonna help me. Does it let me sleep better at night. Fuck yes it does. 

Number 3. Lets play dress up! We have talked about fake people a lot here on the anchor. So at the pre party you could have thrown a stick in any direction and hit some wanna be fuck face with in 100 yards. Lets dress up Rock a billy and drive this car I bought and we will get drunk and then swing dance in the parking lot. ARRRGGGGHHHH 

Number 4. There are always the same old guys that come out. These guys I actually love like family. They get it and I know my place when it comes to the legacy of car guys. They have built and driving more cars then I will ever own and I respect that. Same or even more so with bike guys. If you ride a bike for 50 years and are still on the horse then you are gonna have some good stories and I want to hear them. It is the history I am interested in. The when where and how that this cart or bike has existed. 

Number 5. At the beginning there was like 20 cars and 13 years later it is always about 900 cars. For a bunch of retarded punk rockers we have done a impossible thing and kept the feel for the show and the feeling is still pure. We do not do it for the money and we are registered as a non for profit org. We donate money back to the community and we put the show on. We do get to buy tools and supplies so we do get some perks. It takes about 8 of us almost a second full time job to do the show. Sometimes I question if it is even worth all the effort. Then the show comes and I see thousands of people that have this smile and a glazed over look at the cars and bikes that have just blown there minds. I did the same thing when I was young and I hope on some level in 20 years some young bucks got inspired and does something like this. If anything my kids will pick up the torch and Greaserama will be around a few more generations. 

My family has a family saying that has been passed down through the generations. When times are tough and you really have to dig in and find the energy to go on I think of these words.I always feel empowered and my soul will feel at ease. The saying is FUCK EVERYBODY

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  1. The Rollers . . . you sure are one fucked up dude Anchorman, good blurb buddy, keep the show going on your terms, a seriously good thing.