Thursday, September 26, 2013

More Sleazy Reading

Something like crossing a John Waters movie with the editorial of Life magazine and BANG you get Easyrider. I do love the article about straight people riding choppers and how much real bikers hate them. Seems to be a thing where only dudes like me and Noot want to ride and maintain there old bikes. Try and read Zen and the Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. I barely got through it but there are some genuine parts where the author explains the two different types of bike riders. I am definitely the hands on and make sure its right and not the I will fix it when it breaks kind of guy. Some other things I noticed is that I love the way 70's girls look and dress. The redhead that is on the bike is amazing and who doesn't like real tits. No plastic on my bike or girls thank you very much. Seems to also be a thing that each issue has a pretty good How-To article. I guess back inbetween drunk parties and pulling girls shirts off they actually worked on there own bikes. WTF

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