Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shovel Work and Top 5 Saturday

So another week is gone and I have got a ton done in those 7 days. Got all the fab work done on the Shovel and got the exhaust mounted today and the brakes bleed. Until you build a bike you really have no idea how much little shit it takes to get one on the road. Case in point. I am gonna run a open primary now and the fucking kick stand goes right into the belt. So I whipped up this neat little kickstand stop and holder. Bullet proof and it looks good. The top pick is my fender support and spacer. I still am totally stoked at my welds on the support. Still like magic to me. Kinda always a booger to get a fender spaced the correct amount. Took a piece of 1 inch square tube and cut about a 1/4 inch off after I bent it up. So I have my 3/4 inch spacer and tapped the mount for the bracket and once it is molded and painted it will be slick and stronger then what was there. The Triumph chopper is a customers bike who is quickly learning the evils of chopper glory.  Got it running this week but it is a smoking real bad and every bit on the bike is loose and fucked up. Its nickname is the Jankiesaraus so far. Front end is toast and there are no brakes. Yes. And let us welcome my newest member to my stable. Say hi to my 1954 Plymouth Savoy. This winter it is gonna get a full chop and drop treatment. Should have it running in the next week or two and then I will drive it home and get the sawzall out. I was gonna build the truck hot rod or tail dragger this Plymouth. Price for car 300$ price to get on the road will be about 400$ and that is a good fucking deal. Cleaned out the radiator this week and painted it. Rebuilt the carb today and I am gonna rewire the entire car starting next week. Love old stuff and I have not had a old car for a long long time. Old trucks rule but the drive like old trucks. Cars even lowered still drive a thousand times better then a 60 year old truck.
 Top 5 Reasons The 80's Ruled

Number 1. The music flat out was the best. Though I love the 60's punk stuff a lot in the 80's especially 1982 Hardcore came into its own. In that 10 years you went from the tail end of the disco era right into New wave, punk, Hardcore, shoegaze, Second wave garage stuff, power pop, College rock which is now called alternative. Whatever you were into it was the best and being that those were my formative years I look back at ridiculous punk fashion and goth girls with great fondness. 

Number 2. I know you have seen them as well. There are fucking kids dressing retro 80's style now around town. Let me just say it now only retards wore that shit back then and you my friends are like super jedi retarded fashion faulty if you think acid washed jeans and a hang ten tank top looks good. Fuck faces every last one of you.

Number 3. Skateboarding meant you were a rebel , loser, punk rocker, awesome or all the above. I can still remember hearing a rap song in a skate video and thinking why in the shit would you want to listen to that while skating. Riding your board is the sound of violence and the only natural soundtrack for that is punk rock and Hardcore. Well actually old country  is also would be great while riding. Whatever as long as it is not the Hip hop hip hip dippy  pop doo bang bang boogie crap.

Number 4. Bad hair do's were ok. I am not gonna lie I have had every kind of fucked up hair do there could be thought of. Yeah Yeah I know I'm bald now and thank god for that. I shaved my head anyways so when I started going bald I was like fuck it right. Tony Hawk bangs yep I had them, The cure big wave yep that to. Mohawk, liberty spikes, devil lock, etc etc. Now it just looks dumb well actually I'm sure it looked dumb back then but back then I didn't give a shit what people would say or do. Youth lends to being oblivious as you get older you just don't fucking care anyway. 

Number 5. Well back then you could buy old cars for nothing, old bikes for a lot less, girls were cuter, days were longer, and I had no idea I would still be alive to look back on that time in my life with longing and regret. I wasted time on stupid girls, stupid friends, and playing in terrible bands. I can still remember days we would just hang out in this park trying to do hand plants all day. I could have been riding motorcycles or trying to make it with any number of redheaded goth girls that followed us around. Priorities were always a little messed up. I think I will go listen to Jesus and the Mary Chain while putting on my X swatch.

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