Sunday, September 8, 2013

Shop Work, Norton, and a late Top 5

So after the Sturgis trip I needed to address some shit on the Shovel. One major issue was the fact I did not have a sissy bar. Second was the fact that panhead frames are tiny and running mid controls was just retarded. Also I wanted a nice clean set of 2 into 1 exhaust like a pan would have had. So with that I whipped up a new sissy bar out of 1/2 inch stainless and made the fancy pants fender strap. you slide the sissy bar through the support then weld it up and polish. Ordered a new belt for the primary and the alternator cover. Forward controls are on and really are just mids that are about 6 inches forward. Feel pretty good but we will see once I get out and ride it. Ordered a new Sportster tank and will have to move the petcock hole so I can get every drop out of it and then the paint. Pagan gold and pearl white panels I think. The fucking exhaust got taking out of the box and then went right in the chop saw and got made to fit. As for the Norton I have been really good about keeping it under the radar until its done but here is the first sneak peak. Gonna be a ripper and it looks fast just sitting there. 
 Top 5 for the first week of Sept.
 1. New Neko Record has been played daily multiple times. It is better then I ever thought and it makes me glad I am alive.

2. Might be getting rid of the Crack Pipe. Feel very torn about it but life has handed me a shit hand and its time to fix it. Plus if this does work out Panhead glory is a little bit closer.

3. This last week has been all about work work work and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Looking forward to winter and just tinkering on my shit and spending a lot more time with the kids. 

4. ? Mark and the Mysterions. Picked up there second LP last night and I have to say there are the best band with all Mexican members ever. Everyone knows the 96 tears song but honestly all there songs are great and Sunday morning was filled with organ sounds and singing about girls. 

5. I still love motorcycles more then ever. It feels the same way as punk rock or girls with red hair.It gives me some comfort to know in my heart there is still the ability to love so deeply that the term forever isn't scary at all. Just yesterday I was riding home from the shop and took the long long way home just to get another 20 mintutes on the sportster. In my life 20 minutes is like hours. So enjoy the day and do something that might kill you. You will live a better life not being afraid of death.

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  1. Bitch . . . total fucking tease on the No-tone, like the black pipe. I'm not into buying someone else's custom anything but I'd proudly ride the Crack Pipe . . . I'm losing the shovel, I can't deny Skirtster love.