Sunday, September 22, 2013

Norton Paint and Sleazy Reading

Well here is another sneak preview of the Norton. Super simple black paint with a fog of Pagan Gold around everything. Should really let the rest of the bike just pop. As for the Easyrider Number 1 Issue 1 I got that today as well as the rest of the first 20 issues or so at the swap. 50 cents an issue thank you very much. As for the old trading cards I have been collecting these for awhile and Marcy had these for sale at Greaserama so I finally laid them out to look at them. So retarded but they are so cool. I will post a pic or two of the shovel this week. New painted tins are done and our Buddy Tyler M. helped with the Norton stuff as well as my shovel stuff. Turned out killer and I have to polish the new sissy bar and then buff out the tins and its back on the road.

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  1. Easyriders, cards, super cool . . . tank, totally fucking mindblowing man, wow, love the new header shot as well.