Sunday, September 29, 2013

Top 5 Saturday

Simple Saturday theme Top 5 UK Punk Bands. My opinion of course.

Number 1. The Clash hands down are the best fucking band to ever happen on the island of England. End of story and we shall move on.

Number 2. The Damned. Technically the first band to release a punk rock record when talking about 1977 punk rock. Beat out the pistols by 3 months and were ten times better then them as well. Like every band I talk about there first record is the best but the following two are pretty damned good as well. Yes they got weird but with out Dave Vanian you would have no goth scene. Love song is my favorite song ever by them. Just remembered there song on the Young Ones. Video Nasty is the song. Ridiculous .

Number 3. The Buzzcocks. Truly I think only because they were around when the punk explosion happened they got lumped into the title. But the songs are so good and the riffs were different. They embraced a good song rather then hitting you over the head with a hammer. Pete Shelley is still at it and I will keep listening.

Number 4. The Jam. Another weird time and place they would have been like the Police or something. But instead Paul Weller had the balls to put his band on another level. Political with out being to much and style for miles. The first record is so fucking punk and they knew how to play so well that it probably made a hundred bands just quit because they knew they sucked so bad. I on the other hand knew I had to practice more. I used them as starting point to learn how to write songs and how to play the geetar. Sure Paul turned into some kind of icon but there early stuff is pure Punk Fucking Rock.

Number 5. My Bloody Valentine. Sure not the obvious last band but I truly think without this band there would have been a giant hole in my life. If you have not heard there first three records there is no doubt they were firmly grounded in the Cramps and Scientists camp. They basically invented the Shoegazer thing and I also love that shit. The UK was a very strange place by 1985 but out of all those bands MBV just killed it when they hit the scene. There Isn't Anything LP is there finest and the pure sonic volume is the punk noise that lights my soul  on fire. 

 If we were strictly talking Hardcore then the list would have been. GBH

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