Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cool Stuff....

So fucking cool when people just give me cool stuff because they know I am into bikes. So there is a old man that lives next door at the new house. His name is Leon and is a very cool old guy. He told me he used to have bikes back in his early 20's. Said he liked British bikes and rode a Matchless Apache. So I guess he dug up this original sales brochure from the last new bike he ever bought. He bought the last 1961 Matchless they had because the new 1962 models were hitting the show room. I will say that a Matchless is one of the only bikes I have never ridden. I would imagine they are a lot like a Triumph but there is something a little more classy about the Matchless. The company was firmly grounded in the racing and scramble scene so what happened to them? I may have to research this and report back. Still totally cool and I will hang it up in my shop.

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  1. They were great bikes man, ridden quite a few, similar to AJS, who they went into a joint venture with. My older shop partner at Classic Bike Tune still has the legendary G45 race bike, even got to ride that, awesome things, solid,