Saturday, December 7, 2013

Crack Pipe 8.0 In the Books

So here it is all done. So pissed off it is 1 degree outside so I can't go ride it. I sat and finished all the detail stuff this morning and hooked up the lights and such. Mounted the tank and ran the fuel line. I went over every single nut and bolt to make sure it was all tight and now I suppose I will cover it with a sheet till the weather warms up. Tried to take some detail pics of stuff I built or manhandled. The seat mount is killer and pushes the nose of the seat up 2 inches so the back doesn't puncture my tailbone. Exhaust was welded then cleaned up and painted . I decided to leave the cocktail shaker chrome in case I switch it out. So happy how the tail loop turned out. I really haven't seen any other late model Ironheads done this way say I had to just forge a trail so to speak. Bought a new rotor and rebuild my Tiawanese Ultima caliper for now. As soon as I find a decent used Performance Machine caliper I will put that on. For now all the bling on the rear is fine by me. Ended up narrowing the bars again this morning taking off another two inches out of the middle. Some times hiding weld spots gets tricky. I did not want the bottom bends wider then the top tree. Details. Haifley Brothers Bates seat looks perfect and that is the same P-pad that has been on at least ten bikes now. Made a little support bracket to help try and keep the carb from wiggle jiggling off with the bug eye aircleaner on it. Seriously way heavier then the little screen I had on it. I think I love using brass. Brass aircleaner, the kicker, washers everywhere, etc etc. Details! Made the taillight bracket that fits on the backside of the trans. For now I will leave it but I think it will be hard to see while riding so I may have to move it out a couple of inches. I do not want to make it easier to be ran over.  Once again I have to thank Michael at the Flying Weasel Paint Shack. Without this Wassell tank this bike would have never been done. Hobbits Rule. On to the MX 175

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  1. Fuck Anchorman, superb work, subtlety rules, lovin it and that's allowing for how much I thought the previous version was immaculate . . . followers will never be leaders.