Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mx 175 Update

So now that I am a solid week into the Mx here is the list so far of shit that is fucked.

Barrel and piston are in the trash- Looks like it broke a ring, then shoved the ring up into the top end where it bounced around for a while till it found a nice spot to wedge itself against the cylinder wall. The piston was already at its third OS. They only make a 4th OS so the gouge on the cylinder wall would have to be bored about 20 over to get the valley out of it. So in the trash it went and I bought a good cylinder off ebay so hopefully it shows up this week.Will get rebored and a matching Wiseco piston.

Wiring- With my anti rats nest issue I pulled all 6 wires out and will fix all the connections. The wires that were exposed to the elements are all dry rotted and broken. I do not know if any of the actual components are gonna work. I have tried to find some troubleshooting electrical stuff but to no avail I decided to just order a manual. 

Frame Broken- Yeah after inspecting all the broken and sheered off bolts I found the frame section where the shock runs through the frame is broken or cracked in 4 spots. Shit someone was seriously thrashing on my bike. So I cleaned out all the cracks and prepped it so I can weld them up this week. I went over every single inch of that frame so it should be solid after the fixes.

Cables- Every single cable is rusty and crusty. If I have to I will buy new ones but for now I just did a super lube and adjust on all of them. I had a Motion Pro throttle and I bought two new levers and perches. Seem to be working better so I am sure the first time I get 5 miles from home all three will break and leave me stranded. I will remember this post and curse.

Kicker splines- All the kick arm splines are damn near sheered off. I bet that when the piston locked up some brilliant POS tried to free it up by kicking the shit out of it. After awhile the splines gave out. So I sat with a triangle file and did my best to clean up the sheered off splines and give the OK ones a little more of a peak. I did drill out the small metric threads and tapped it with a 5/16 course thread. I used a Stainless allen head and got that fucker so tight that there is no way it can slip now. 

Clutch Slippage- Pulled off the side cover to inspect why the clutch was not disengaging. Yes once again I saw the handy work of a monkey with a large pair of clusterfuck. Where the nut was supposed to be that holds the adjuster on the clutch basket, there was something that kinda resembled a nut but was round and on really crooked. At one point in the bikes life it had a Phillips head in the middle of the shaft that lets you adjust the run out of the clutch pressure plate. The little nut locks it down so when you put the cove back on it stays where you want it. FUCK. Out came the Dremel. I cut a nice slot on the end so I could at least hold it with a flat head. Took the clutch out and ran a Die over the adjuster so I could put a new not round nut on the adjuster. After some tinkering it is better then new and the clutch works. Go Figure.

TO BE CONTINUED....................

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