Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mucking Around.....

 Well got one of those freak days where the weather was sweet. Almost 60 out so I jumped on the Shovel and made tracks. Haven't really posted any pics of it lately. Cut down the sissy bar to make the ass even weirder. 4 over tubes and some mini apes.  Went and rode my favorite loop and kinda forgot that there is a stretch of gravel right before you make it to the Highway. Well with snow still on the ground it was fucking nasty mucky filth. Was it worth it? Yes and when I got home the bike got a proper washing and cleaned up all the nooks and such. Feeling pretty lucky to get out today. Found a local machine shop to go through the Flathead block so that is good. Rebuilt my Steering box for the 51 and it is pulled all the way down to the frame rails right now. So much work to do but for now I am just doing everything that doesn't cost money. Just the bearings and seals for the steering were like a hundred dollars. FUCK. So Top 5 for this last Top 5 of the Year.
Top 5 Things Of 2013

Number 1 Riding To Sturgis and Hanging with Noot 
Number 2. Building my Swingarm bike.
Number 3, My boy getting all ate up over Star Wars.
Number 4. Converge-All that you love you leave behind
Number 5. Learned a ton of shit the hard way. The only way.


  1. I thought going to the Dungeon Bar was No. 1 ????

  2. Totally the boobies Anchorman, love your introspection as usual.