Saturday, December 21, 2013

Top 5 Saturday

 Been scrambling to get all this Christmas shit done so I can get back to work on bike stuff. The only thing even remotely awesome about this time of year is seeing the kiddos going ape shit crazy out of there minds about new toys. So this year my daughter wanted a guitar. She really is at the perfect age to try and learn some Ramones songs. So my 51 is almost all the way apart and I will get the cab off tomorrow. Full on frame off restoration I guess. Mother fucker it was terrible getting the cab bolts off and the god damn doors. Fuck those doors. Damn near gave up but thanks to the Mouse Milk I got the bolts off. So I had to pull the steering box apart to get the column out. I finally figured out why when it was really cold my steering froze up. There was a good cup of water in it. So the water would freeze or make a really nice slushy in my steering box. Fuck everything is worn out and rusted to hell in there. Ok so there that is what I have been up to. Top 5 Saturday. 
Top 5 Most Underrated Punk Bands( My Opinion)

Number 1. The Rezillos- One of the best records of the 70's hands down. The full length record Can't Stand The... is constantly getting played and is actually playing right now. They had a dual lead vocals thing going on with a boy and girl singers splitting it up. So fucking catchy and snotty at the same time. I will post  a song for you to check out.

Number 2. The Exploding Hearts- One of the all time greatest power pop bands of the last 100 years. Tragically right after there first record was released they were involved in a terrible crash that killer three of the members. Please take a minute and look up this band. There is some kind of teenage element to them which is endearing to me. 

Number 3. Off!- A true goldmine of all stars. Keith Morris is one of the last true punk purveyors. Been there from the start and is still fucking killing it. The music is in your face, fast, well written, and some how not cheesy. It does help to have probably the best backing band ever. 

Number 4. The Hangmen- Some how out of the ashes of Hair metal and heroin The Hangmen some how made it. There first record came out in the 80's and they even have BIG hair and terrible clothes on but the music is so FUCKING good that it is ok. I 'd say they have the swagger of the Dolls and the grit of The Clash almost. The vocals rule and the songs are really good. The cover does not do the music justice. So they burned out in the 80's and then like ten years later they got back together and have put out 5 killer records since. There last record was a EP and has been played hundreds of times if not thousands. 

Number 5. The Vibrators- Yeah yeah yeah the name is stupid but that does not mean they did not write some of the greatest songs ever. Last week I had the IPOD on shuffle and it played YEAH YEAH YEAH and I played it like 5 times. So great and with one really amazing record I don't know why others don't remember them. Most people have a really short attention span. I how ever live in this world of forgotten music and longing for more.

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