Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flathead Boogie...

In all the years I have been doing this grease monkey shit I have never been in a more disgusting motor. The fucking thing fought me the entire way through. Broke 5 head bolts and the the other side came off easy. Probably half of the valves needed the 10 lb hammer to persuade them to drop out. My hands feel like minced meat and they are stained from the blackest, nastiest, raunchiest, smelliest , pile of shit to ever enter my shop. What can I say I love a challenge. 
 So after a whole week of just taking it apart and being very organized about it it is going to the machine shop on Friday for a deep clean and magnaflux. If it has cracks in the block then I will shit can this motor and find another. Good times for sure and actually all the important stuff looked like it is in good usable condition. I will get the crank and con rods rebuilt then order a Isky medium grind cam. New valves and lifters to go with the whole "Needs more Power" theme.Just look at the oil pan. That is like two solid inches of goo and muck. Ish
 Lets all cross fingers and blow a kiss at lady luck that this does indeed not have any major cracks.


  1. Are you sure you want to do this? Maybe a Chevy crate motor with billet no-leak valve covers?

  2. Lookin' good! My '53 dodge oil pan had a similar type of deal going on. So I cleaned all the shit out of it and sandblasted the exterior. When I did this it revieled a bunch of little pinholes all over the sump of the pan. Just a heads up, IDK if you'll encounter the same deal.

  3. Luckily have a line on just about anything I will need except a block. As long as it has no cracks or small enough ones I can repair then I'll be good. And Noot you should know better.