Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Return Of Crack Pipe/ Top 5 Saturday

Well as in life some things just were meant to be. Right around the time I was finishing up my swingarm bike Brandon from Little Rock Arkansas hit me up about deraking his bike. I was gonna list the Crackpipe carcass on Ebay so I gave him a price and said I would help him slap it together as well. So today was the day. Brandon drove like 6 hours to get to KC so we could thrash. I meant to take more pictures but we did not get started till about 1 and he left at 5 on the dot do to the weather. So in 4 hours we got the motor in, wheels and front end dialed in, wheel spacers made, headlight mount welded up, exhaust made from scratch and painted, basically everything. Honestly with maybe 4 more hours it would be road worthy. The lowers have some of the cleanest hand engraved stuff I have seen on them. It was cool to just thrash and get this thing looking proper and I think he is stoked on it. So out of one crack pipe now there is two. 

 Top 5 Saturday for the first Top 5 of the New Year. 
Top 5 Punk Rock Movies( My Opinion)

Number 1. Another State Of Mind- I have talked about this movie before somewhere back on this blog. Doesn't matter because this movie is the best hands down punkest fucking movie ever. It captures the true essence of having beliefs, having none, living in the world ,and it has three of my favorite bands in it. Basically a documentary of a tour gone to shit, I love every second of this movie. The live scenes are epic and I am just to young to have been there. We always want what we can't have.

Number 2. Suburbia- The little shit hole video store in my home town back in the 80's had this movie. It was the only punk rock movie they had or I knew existed at the ripe old age of 13. I watched so many times that I think I wore there copy out before I realized  I could just steal it and never have to return it. No one else deserved it so there. Also has some amazing live footage of  D.I. and the Vandals two amazing So Cal punk bands. Think this movie was the first set of actual boobs I had ever seen a movie. Granted it was a cheesy Corman movie it has a a certain timeless 80's feel to it. I fucking love it and the end is sad and ridiculous. 

Number 3. American Hardcore- If you like 1982 style hardcore then this should be your bible. Some of the greatest years in punk rock all laid out for you in a continental US map. Another Documentary but with all the amazing interviews and live footage you can't help but want to be there again. Writing songs abut hating Reagan, good times.

Number 4. Filmage- I know I just saw it and for a lot of you it isn't out yet but it was that good and the second it comes out I will be buying it. The Descendents are one of those unexplainable bands. They are like a supernova, or the show Quantum leap. Just impossible to explain but amazing none the less. Probably the only band that could pull off writing songs like Silly Girl and then play Bass master General. Whatever I'm just jealous. 

Number 5. Return of the Living Dead- This one is always in the back of my mind just because the soundtrack is so fucking good. Seriously there is a girl doing a slutty strip tease on a grave stone. The zombies are stupid the acting is terrible and yes it is great. Everything a retarded punk rock zombie movie should be. Perfect

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  1. Quit impressing me, you talented bastard, and one day I'll get around to seeing #1 . . . not til after the shoveller is done.