Saturday, January 25, 2014

Obsessed......Top 5 Saturday

I 've noticed for the last week or so I have been obsessed with the word NOWHERE. I might have been over thinking it but there are so many different uses for the word it is boggling. See as how this pertains to motorcycles is when I get on my bike lately I go to nowhere. I just go. Ride until I hit reserve then turn around. I have found myself drifting farther from the little towns I know and finding my way to nowhere. In this day and age I find myself dreaming about going to nowhere, living nowhere, and finding my way to nowhere. Luckily for me there has been a soundtrack to this lust for nowhere. Thats right Top 5 songs about Nowhere. I love all these songs and after much thought I knew there was a reason to share this Go below and listen. Anchor is headed to the shop for a day of grease and Nowhere.

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