Monday, January 27, 2014

Chug A Long......

Ok so the temperature has falling out and it is 7 degrees outside right now. Brutal does not even describe the bitter cold that is upon us. So what to do what to do, ah I got my front end all set up on the 51. 3" dropped axle and Tie rod drops. New tie rods and some torch and bending of the steering linkage. So after I got it aligned and wheels on I had to build a steering stop so my tires do not get eating alive . The bottom pic shows the stop I welded up. Turn right and you should be able to circle a dime, turn left and your at a quarter. No biggie and no one told me I would have to rework all the steering parts to get them to clear once the dropped axle was in place. Once the motor is in I will do the final tweaking of that stuff. In between the truck stuff I have my dentists little cb200 for a bunch of little tweaks. I cut down his stock seat and fixed a bunch of wiring gremlins. Full service and new front tire. I actually really like doing this kind of work. It seems to be a proactive way to keep your bike on the road. I did the same thing for him a year ago and he rode all season with zero issues. I went and rode it before I took it apart and I will say it isn't the fastest thing but lots of fun. Its so light I swear I could bunny hop it.

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  1. Frigid but fruitful obviously, good to see you're onto the truck, love the pipes on the little wing and love the header shot and comment, ha !!!