Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hot Rod Top 5

Top 5 reasons to run a Flathead( my opinion)

It started it all. Before the v8 it was the dark ages. 1932 the lights turned on and teenagers everywhere on earth started hopping them up.

Proper hot rod motor for a proper hot rod. Nothing on earth says" I have a hot rod" like a Flathead. I have an issue with hot rods with late model motors. The car could be super clean a cool looking but upon further inspection it has a SBC I am like " Thumbs Down".

Too Legit Too Legit TO Quit. Or something like that. But you almost have to be a little sick in the head to want to run one of these. They are a whole different animal then a OHV motor. I have been geeking out reading about all the different tricks and tips while building this up. Next time I see a flathead that was built by its owner they will definitely get the nod of approval. I think the only other motor on par with a Flathead maybe a early Redram Hemi or the big 401 Nailhead Buick.

Questionable performance enhancing experience. Big fucking deal you can make 400 HP out of your small black for a fraction of the cost. I would imagine the torque these motors make and the personal investment will eclipse the performance aspect. I  am gonna build my motor up to about 150 whopping horse power. It will be a cruiser but Ill be damned if a honda civic will spank it. Whatever

Going the distance. I have the visioning and a questionable ability to get shit done. Hell or high water I will drive my truck by years end with a Flathead. 

As a side note I will be starting my dirtbike tomorrow hopefully. Cross your fingers and hope I can pull a wheelie or two.

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