Saturday, March 8, 2014

As Of Now / Top5 Saturday

 Well the weather has just kind of started to break.So below zero has now turned into 60's for highs. So the thought of getting the bikes out is always in the forefront of my head. So as of yesterday this is what both my bikes are looking like. Kinda nice to see them outside. Luckily I actually got to ride them all winter like once a month. So both are in tip top running condition. Most winters I make a short list of things that need attention so when spring comes and all summer it is just oil changes and riding. Latest thing is I built some bunnyear bars for the shovel. I liked the little apes on it but it felt like I was making a sail out of my body on the highway. I like being "in" my bike not "on" it. So some tight bars kinda pull your arms in and make the wind go around not through you. Rode it yesterday and really like them so far. Maybe one more ride before I send them off to the chrome shop. More money thrown at her. Whatever and I had some craft time so I could see my bike with a Panhead motor. So funny but man its going to happen.

Top 5 Saturday
Top 5 Things About American Graffiti

Number 1. It captured that time so perfectly that it is almost a case study. The hair, clothes, cars etc etc

Number 2. As a kid I watched it every time it was on TV. It had hot rods and kustoms, cute girls and thugs. I remember the first time I really noticed that chopped Merc the dudes are driving and was just like FUCK that car is amazing
Number 3.The music or soundtrack would be the right word is great. Now by my taste today its kinda cheesy but I have always liked rock and roll. They used a bunch of acts in the movie that were real bands that played old school rock and roll. Like the band in the dance scene was a real band. In the 70's there was a huge resurgence of acts playing 50's style rock and roll and rockabilly. Of course it was always a little off but I would rather hear that shit all day then disco or soft rock in the 70's. Luckily for me right about the time I was finding my own music all that shit had died. I bought a Jerry Lee Lewis Great Balls Of Fire EP and a Buddy Holly Ep at a garage sale they were my first two records I ever bought.The Buddy Holly song was because it was in the movie. Still love Buddy Holly.

Number 4. There is a scene right before Milner is gonna race Harrison Ford at the end. Milner went to his shop to uncork the headers and when he leaves the shop the car looks and sounds like a wild beast. He kinda pops the clutch and the car lurches forward kinda scary like. As a kid I dreamed that  someday I would have a fire breathing deathtrap. Still on my list of most haves. Kinda got more into kustoms but always in the back of my head is that car.

Number 5.We always want what we can't have. I think it's human nature to want things that are impossible to get. Mine would be a time machine. Can you even imagine being alive when the only thing that mattered was cruising, street racing and trying to pull some pelt. Whatever right now we are all connected in and it would be almost impossible to exist with out all our devices. I look at 1962 like a perfect example of pre-beatles, pre-vietnam, pre-government restrictions on vehicles time machine. Now go watch it and really take it in.