Saturday, March 15, 2014

Getting Pulled Back/Top 5 Satuday

When I get bored shit gets changed up. I think that is one of my favorite parts about owning a motorbike. It is not uncommon to change a set of bars like 10+ times before  settle on one pair. So I whipped these up out of some old buckhorns and a piece of stainless. Went and rode it with them I have to say it feels real good going down the road but not so good at low speed. Styles gonna beat function and they are off to the chrome shop next week.

Top 5 Saurday
Top 5 Reasons To Go Ride Your Bike.

Number 1. That is what they were intended to do. Because look great sitting in your shop but they look really good on the road.

Number 2. The weather has finally broke in the Midwest and it has been really nice to get home and go for a ride. I'll take 60's all day long.

Number 3. Free Mind Free Soul. Man get out there and ride till your mind cleans itself out. Sometimes it could be 10 miles or maybe it takes 60 but if your on your cycle it doesn't matter either way,

Number 4. Clear the cobwebs out of your girl. I have been lucky this year being able to ride the bikes like once a month all winter. But usually they need some TLC in spring to get them ready for summer. Adjust valves, change oil, inspection of parts, etc etc. Love that shit.

Number 5. There is no way better to experience life then doing something that could kill you in a heartbeat. Remember that and you will ride that bike of yours that much more.

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