Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Dogfight Is Done/ Top 5 Saurday

 Got Eric's 1977 GS550 all buttoned up this week and he came and rode it home yesterday. Over all I am super pleased with the whole thing. Rides great and handles excellent with the Firestones. So he is stoked and really that is the best part. Already got a few jobs lined up so I will be back in the shop today. As for the amazing shirts . My best bud Jay in SLC whipped these up and surprised me. So freaking funny and I will wear it proudly.

Top 5 Saturday.
Top 5 Reasons To Go Back To Sleep.

Number 1. You work to much.
Number 2. I have a lot of work to do today.
Number 3. Show tonight and your already tired.
Number 4. I dreamed about cute girls and hot rods last night. Try and pick it up.
Number 5. Ok I'm up I'm up, Fuck this.

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