Saturday, March 1, 2014

Get Your Grill In Order/ Top 5 Saturday

One of my favorite parts on a motorcycle is the front wheel. In most cases it says stuff like hi nice to meet you, or if it is ugly it says hi I am a piece of shit. So here are 5 cool and looking good front ends. Spool wheels obviously look the cleanest but if you want a front brake there are some very bitchin wheels out there. Of course the forks play a important part in all of this. I have been stuck on using 39mm sportster front ends just because they are cheap and work good. But I have been looking for a Cerrani and right now my Ironhead has a RD350 front end that I built up years ago. They work great I just had to rework the pre-load with some spacers. An Ironhead weighs a lot more then RD350. Research and destroy. If you haven't checked out my Instagram just go and type in Anchormoto. Trying not to get sucked in but it has been a great time waster so far. Ugh

Top 5 Saturday. 
Top Movies from my youth.

Number 1. On Any Sunday
Number 2. Smoky and the Bandit
Number 3. RAD
Number 4. The Bones Brigade Video
Number 5.Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom.

PS Going to look at another Flathead motor this morning. Fingers crossed.

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