Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy Time of Year

It is that time again, when the weather sends us to our holes in search of warmth and food. I hate winter and all things that go with it. I was born and raised in SO Cal and will never understand why I moved to Midwest iceland. As for the shop I have been getting some calls and really I have just been turning people away. XS 650 hell is what I am in. I don't understand why no one in KC wants a good super legit Harley built. I would be happy all day building Sportsters forever. I look at other blogs and see guys building insane bikes and have to wonder where they are getting there scratch from. Maybe they all have sweet grandma's that lend them 10 grand to buy a panhead. As for me I have the Ironhead and that is all I need for now. Had a e-mail about my bike, they wanted to know where I bought my sissy bar, oil tank, exhaust, seat, etc etc. I laughed a minute and just said I built all of it and even the Paugcho frame was now modified to my liking. He asked how much it was to build all of that. I said for me it was just the time and metal. For him it would be about 6,000 dollars. He did not write back. Again I laughed. What the fuck is wrong with people. Anyways I am glad I will have some serious time in the shop this weekend, Need to get the new oil lines ran and polish the side covers. Waiting on chrome sucks but is so worth it once you put get it back. I built some super tight pullbacks that noone has seen and they should be killer for eating up miles come spring. For now I will wear many layers and get the sleds out.

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