Saturday, December 17, 2011

Top 5 Saturday Punk Bands

I have been into music my whole life. In 1986 I found punk rock and ever since that it is what I am and what I believe in. Punk is such a amazing thing and mixed with skateboarding meant everything thing to me. So now 25+ years later I still listen to the same bands and these are the ones I am gonna list. Being a punk is the only title I have every been proud of. When people call me a biker I always correct them and say "No I am a punk that just loves motorcycles" and I am good with that. I still loathe popular music and have been into underground music since 1986. I love Punk/HC, old country, 60's Garage /surf, Power pop, whatever you get the picture and now here is my list.

Number 1. MINOR THREAT First time I heard them I fucking freaked out and went and stole both cassetttes from my local store. Crazy good still and is the beginning of my Straight Edge beliefs.

Number 2. The Wipers Putting Oregon onto the punk map. So good they changed how I thought of guitar and the songwriting is bar none top level. Good songs good guitar riffs and songs with depth and passion.

Number 3. The Ramones This is a no brainer. I grew up listening to old Rock and Roll and the Beach Boys. The first time I heard the Ramones it was there version of Do You Wanna Dance by the Beach Boys. I thought it was loud and awesome. Super good pop but raunchy and tight. Still listen to them weekly and it keeps getting better.

Number 4. Black Flag This is the ultimate in riffage. As a young guitar player I would sit and try and learn the Damage record. Still to this day it blows me away. Greg Ginn is on another planet with his vision and abilities. If you don't own the First 4 years Record you are totally lame.

Number 5. The Bouncing Souls NJ at its best I guess. East costs longest running punks are still at it. In 1991 I was at there first show in Cali. At the time I was knee deep in all the shitty Straight Edge bands and to see them crawl out of there van all crusty and Mohawks up. I was stoked. They have a insane amount of records under there belts but there first 5 records are always getting played on the ol turn table.

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