Thursday, December 29, 2011

Funny Story Not Really

So it is Dec 29th and in KC today it was 60 degrees outside. Insane so I high tailed to the shop and got the new bars on my bike. Installed the new kickstand and then pushed it outside. I was seriously so happy to get the bike out. Bikes been sitting for a month or so but after a few kicks she fired right up. I am staring at my bars as I bounce through the parking lot at the shop. I pull out and give it a few good whacks of the throttle. It is a Harley and all Harley dudes make this kind of noise. There is no point of doing this but they all do it. I crank it up down the main drag. First, Second, Third, Blah. I was out of goddamn gas. I was so fucking pist I pushed my bike almost a mile and set it in the shop and drove home. Motorcycles are a pain in the ass and will always break your heart. I still love them.

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