Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 5 Saturaday

Top 5 reasons you should buy a sportster.

Number1. Price- You can get on any Craigslist forum and find a Sportster for under 3,000. A running bike for under 3,000 is insane. You can buy a 500 dollar jap bike and then spend easily 3 grand building a chopper then when its done it is worth 2 grand. All Harley's hold there value.

Number 2. More Bang- For the money you spend you get a fire breathing ass kicking monster. The big twin guys have to spend all kinds of money just so a stock sportster won't kick there ass.

Number 3.- Building platform. Sportster motors look good in any form. Chopper, Digger, Cafe Racer, and bone stock they look good. I would guess the unit construction helps that it is all one big lump.

Number 4. Race Pedigree- Once you take a minute and look up the racing history of the sportster you will want one. From the early 60's almost all kinds of racing records where held by sportsters. Drag racing was a specialty as well as Bonneville. 68 and 69 Daytona races where won by Sportsters and if you where looking for something fast you bought a sportster. The XLR flattrack bike is the most beautiful race bike of all time. It wasn't until the 70's that Japanese/British companies built big bikes to compete with the sportster.

Number 5. Hands on- If you own a old Ironhead you are gonna have to learn to work on it. So people love them or hate them which goes along with how much they like working on there bikes. Me I love tinkering on my bike. Once a month I check over my bike and check all components. During good weather I ride my bike everyday so the routine of checking over everything is key. I check all fluids, pushrods, points, and look for missing bolts/nuts. Loctite is key. When I put my bike together I used grade 8 stainless allen head and nylock nuts on everything. One little dab of blue loctite and have not had a single thing fall off. My top motor mount likes to loosing up so I hit it with a 9/16 wrench when ever I think about it.


  1. These top 5's are great man, coming from a young guy trying to build an ironhead and a shop, it's gold. Lookin' forward to next saturday!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I was hoping someone was watching these post.