Saturday, December 10, 2011

Top 5 Saturday

Since it is just me holding down the Anchor I thought it would be fun to start a top 5 post once a week. Since I have great taste in all things cool(ego trip) I will start this off with Motorcycles I love.
Number 1. Tom Fugles Blue Panhead
Number 2. The Turnip Eater Sportster drag bike
Number 3. David Mann's Red Chopper from the El Forestero days
Number 4. Chopper Daves Superfreak
Number 5. Everything Mark Drew puts together.
Pretty solid list of good bikes. The list is just for initial bikes I would kill to own.
Runner ups would be Shinyas Knuckle, T-bones swingarm Shovel, Bratstyle anything, or just my Ironhead

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