Saturday, June 23, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

Feeling inspired for some music this week. So Top 5 non Punk 80's bands. When I say Non Punk I mean not your typical 80's stuff. Being a teenager in the 80's was a blessing and curse. So here is my favorite Non Punk 80's bands

 Number1. The Jesus and Mary Chain- I know they are still hacking away at a career but there best years were in the 80's. Some of the best surf reverb feedback fuzz sing along songs ever written. They seriously started there own sound and were ripped off by everybody. Get the Psycho Candy album and get schooled. They mixed the pop of the Beach Boys and the loud of the Ramones and added some Ventures in there and there you have it. Used to make out with my 10th grade girlfriend to this record so nothing but good memories. 

Number 2. The Pixies- What to write about one of the greatest bands ever. When they were in the thick of it there was no band on earth that could write a better song. Weird loud or nice quiet they can do it all. Surfer Rosa is my favorite record but they are all good. 

Number 3. Dramarama- They were one of those bands that everybody said they liked but had never heard. The song Anything has been covered endlessly since it was writing. There s/t lp is so goddamn good that I listen to it weekly. I guess it is more Rock and Roll mixed with some dark themes but every song is awesome. I will post my favorite so you can check it out.

Number 4  Morrisey- Every girl I knew in High school loved the Smiths so I had to listen to them too. Once Morrisey went solo I truly loved it. When Your arsenal came out I thought it was one of the best records ever written ever in the history of albums. Yeah it is still that good. He had the best backing band on those early records and still has a few of them in his stable. Say what you want Morrisey is one of the last real honest to god frontmen left on earth.

Number 5. Psychedelic Furs- They are the ones out of all the shitty New Wave goth bands that got it write. Everybody know the Pretty in Pink song but did you know that song was written two years before the movie was even made. That is how good it was. John Hughes wrote that movie so he could use that song as the title. Richard Butler has a raddest voice and that is that. If you don't like them then you are a damn fool.

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