Monday, June 11, 2012

Today was the Day To Say Goodbye

 7 Am this morning we lost Todd to cancer. We all spent some time with him at his home this last weekend. Everyday we got to sit by him was a extra day we will cherish. The toughest man till his last breath. Anyone that has met him will forever remember him because of the fire and  heart the man had. He had visions so deep that I found it hard to get sometimes. He got it and would expand on a idea or plan endlessly. It was always one of the most annoying things about Todd and now I am gonna miss all those conversations. Fuck why is the world and life like this. Some dumb child molesting piece of shit lives to be 100 but good people die from shit like cancer and there is no reason, no explanation. I am not questioning god or the lack of god but Todd felt like there was more to this world the the immediate me me me mentality of the masses. Whatever I am starting to sound like Todd get it. Anyways I feel empty, lost , pistoff, joy, anger, and all the other things that come with this shit. I am gonna go work on motorcycles and try and go plank for a little. Thanks and there is a cancer fund on the GREASERAMA.COM website if you feel inclined.

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