Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some Good Stuff

So after the blur of last week I got back to work. Todd is doing terrible and all the fellows have been going by daily to sit with him. It is all we can do and I am glad we all had that time with him. The official art work is done for Greaserama and there is a full color version almost done. I want to get the Roth fink tattoo on me somewhere. The Watson Chevy is so amazing that I am seriously thinking of selling everything I own and buy one. Weesner has a way with art that makes me glad to be alive. Thanks


  1. Got that very same Roth on my left shoulder, pride of place . . . he updated it in the 90's I think. Weezner's a genius, as much as I can tell from afar.

  2. Once again you have proved we have good taste. How is the riding upside down?