Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rollercoaster Week indeed Top 5 Saturady

So after the last week  am absolutely running on empty lets recap. Todd died on Monday also stopped in at the doctor to get checked out. The doc thinks I have Lyme disease and puts me on some drugs. Then on the good side I put my Ironhead back together and should be down for some miles again. But I am waiting to go ride it till I am stable enough to deal with the fact that if it is not fixed I am gonna EXPLODE. Then I woke up Wednsday with a epic cold of some sort. Tired and just plain pooped out. On the flip side I had allot of time to check out the blog world. Ended up at the TRI co blog which is run by the Dice fellows and this amazing woman above. I am not the most stylish fellow but I do know that a pair of Dickies and a punk rock T-shirt is all I will ever need. So after checking out the blog the only real reason to look at the blog is Imogen. So here is to another week and I am gonna get on some bike projects starting Monday.

So top 5 Saturday blogs: 
 Number 1. Tri Co just look up the Imogen post and gets stoked.
Number 2. Filthmode- Dirt First is there motto and they are doing some insane cool shit in Vancouver.
Number 3 Go Away Garage- Just a very cool mix of images here. Not allot of reposted crap and he also has very good taste.
Number 4 The Selvedge Yard- If you like geeking out on everything from music to motorcycles then this is the one. Almost holy grail type reading here. In depth stories and when I get into it hours can go by.
Number 5 Rigids Hips- I don't know what the deal is with Sweden but they are doing insane crazy shit over there. Just the one post about there studio almost made me fill up to the top with hatred and envy. Nicke has skills so sharp that if you look at him in the right light you will get cut. Skateboarding, motorcycles,and music are the name of the game. What else is there.

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  1. Totally valid top 5, good luck with the Lyme drama.