Thursday, August 9, 2012

Craigitis or Listaphobia

A few years from now there will be a epidemic of assholes telling there therapist that they get on Craigslist 1000 times a day. Well I already do that and finally it paid off. Been looking at the Shovelhead and decided I can not ride a softail. Sorry but I have crossed that line before and hated it. So rigid until my back or brains give out. So with that said I have been deciding in which direction to go. There are a ton of frame companies out there but for me the rigid Harley frames are where its at. OK so that is a good choice but getting one for under 2000 dollars is the key. Well due to my persistence somebody 80 miles away listed this 57 pan chopper frame under a front end listing. Duh for real so I call the guy and chat him up a little. Super cool and had the back story with the frame. Sold! So I drove after work 160 miles round trip and pick it up. He thought it was raked, it isn't they just filled in the neck area and bonded the shit out of it. So off  to the blaster tomorrow to see what needs fixing and what needs replacing. So fucking stoked right now. Harley frame and Harley motor you'd think I was planning this or something.

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