Friday, August 3, 2012

Harleys For Everybody!

So here is the new victim. 77 Shovel is so clean as a starter bike I almost teared up. Guy was cool and kept pulling out parts for it just saying take these they go with it. Awesome deal at 3500 bucks. Motor is rebuilt and all the other shit is getting sold. So Shea bought the 63, Eric bought the 71 and I bought a Shovel all in one week. As a side not Johnny Chop bought a Evo 1200 and Aaron is on the hunt right now for his first Harley. Travis traded his car for a super plush full bagged out 80 inch and that is the end of the Harley craze for this post. Fun stuff is about to drop. I love ripping shit apart and seeing how shit works. If any one out there has a stash of 74" parts like brackets and any other hoo rah drop me a line I am gonna need a ton of shit.


  1. Damn no love for the FXR?Guess I'll have to find my own HOG bros.

  2. Congrats though on the Shovelhead cant wait to see it done!

  3. Yep I got a 96 Sportster xls 1200 on Saturday.