Saturday, August 18, 2012

Top 5 Saturady

So Top 5 reasons to NEVER build a bike.

Number 1. MONEY- Jeebus it cost allot of money to put one of these sickles together. Even if you are the one building it they still cost money. I have the bike built in my head but the rest cost money. Damn.

Number 2. STRESS LEVEL 11- Maybe it is just me but when I start a new build all I can think of is the project. Sleep doesn't matter, money doesn't matter and all the other things in my life get juggled around to make as much time for bike building as possible. I should just join the circus because I can juggle some fucking shit for real.

Number 3- PERFECT WORLD In a perfect world I would buy everything I wanted new and not broke ass used fucked up not working pieces of shit to work with. Well that is my world and here is a good example. Ryan gave me a sporty tank and it was nasty. It had almost two inches of lacquered up 20 year old gas. Then I decided to clean it with a half gallon of brake cleaner and a few hand fulls of screws. Works everytime if you just take the time and do the truffle shuffle with the tank. As for the outside I started sanding on it and to my surprise( not really ) there was 8 layers of paint on top of a very beat up tank. Shit so buying a new tank would save time but not money. I guess I will just be doing a ton of body work. Cool

Number 4. The OH SHIT MOMENT- This is the minute where you realize how much your project really needs. This is where most of my customers get then they bring it to me. I am fine with this moment and just put my head down and plow through it. You will be a better person if you learn how to deal with them.

Number 5. MISSING OUT- Damn straight I would much rather be out riding my bike or playing with the kids but I have to build these damn bikes so I do what I have too. Back to juggling but these are the best days of my life and with out  the craziness I would not be as stable as I am. You should see me try and relax it is probably like giving my boy a Mountain Dew then sitting him in a chair and telling him to sit still. He would take off like a rocket to mars. Funny

PS So I am three weeks in and a big chunk of the build is done a big bunch is still on the boards. I am loving the stance so far but I am gonna swap out the front end and see if I like a wide glide with dual 16" wheels.


  1. Top class top five man . . . for what it's worth, the skinny front end looks spot on in conjunction with the meat of the frame and the donk, your choice but ferk, it's lookin the goods.

  2. Hey Ricky - Looks kinda cool. Are you running a fever?