Tuesday, August 21, 2012

David Mannly

I think Shea has coined a new phrase. Rather then saying your bike looks manly now you say it looks David Mannly. Funny right! So here is the wide glide standard length and a set of 12 inch apes. I am trying to do a tough as nails 70's street chopper. So a wide glide looks perfect and the 16 rear 21 front is in the chopper handbook so who am I to change the rules. The little leather seat is not working for me and I think it needs a rigid mounted seat like a cobra style but we will see as I change some stuff out and mess around. Got the kickstand mounted and some fork stops that will need some more work but they are stopping the forks so I guess they are working. I have a friend that is dating Susan Mann how was married to the late David Mann through all the early days. She sells prints of David's work and is a very nice lady to sit and talk to. Anyways today I saw Doug who had a little present for me, which was the first of the Highway gremlin David Mann bells they are getting done. Fucking Karma is in the house. So that is the way it happened and now my Mannly bike will have a Mann bell. Sweet.

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