Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some Fabulous Fab, Rad

Been plugging away on the Boober( yeah I have been calling it The Boober). Scored a old Sportster fender that got a bob job done to it. It really is in the details. So with that said I made these fancy pants struts and the pipes tonight.  I like the over under look on any bike I see them done on. So I gave it the old college try with a pile of used pipes and bang here they are. Got them mounted in three spots and will be strong as a bull. Think they will get the black paint and leave the tips chrome and use a little heat shield right where the kicker is to tie it all together and keep the flow going. After working on sportsters for almost three years straight this has been a mind fuck figuring all this BT stuff out. Had to due a bunch of grinding and fitting to get the primary to fit right . Decided on mid controls like a stock FX would have. Pieced together the brake set up and all I need to do is the master cylinder on the right side. Lots to do on the left side still. Like jockey lever and foot clutch.I am gonna cut up the primary cover like Swiss cheese so I have some figuring out to do. Car show is this weekend so I will be out of the blog world for a few days. Enjoy the long weekend everybody. If you are at Greaserama come by the registration booth and say hello.


  1. Diggin it Anchorman, pipes are flowin just nicely, you planning on radiusing the rear guard to relieve the flat section . . . just askin. Enjoy yourself at the Grease fest.

  2. Im really diggin' this bike Ricky! The stance,tank, bars,etc...just perfect man. This build is really makin me want a bike again. I will try to find you at Greaserama. Have a great weekend!