Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We're Fucked

So The Anchor motorcycle shop rose from the ashes of Anchor the venue. My whole life I wanted to own/run a punk rock venue. So in the winter of 2005 I made my move. There were a bunch of empty office rooms in the building the car club rents and so we ripped a bunch of walls down and had our first show.  I knew there was no money to speak of but I wanted to have the raddest punkest club in KC history. After many many changes we ended up the a full half pipe as the stage which is still there. 3 years or so it lasted until  Mr. Fire Marshall came and squished our punk rock fun. I was building bikes in the back of the venue and just kept the name and went full bore with bikes. Pretty rad that I still get calls about booking shows. Any ways here is the band I was in at the end of the Anchor venue Days. We have one ridiculous 7 inch out and the rest is history.

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  1. Fucking fantastic mate, having a go is the essence of the punk ethic and history is a cool thing to be part of, great to know where it all came from, the crew who count never forget shit like that, influencing and perpetuating the movement, big ups and respect man.