Saturday, September 22, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

Anyone that has ever took the time to read my crappy ramblings knows I love music. I am not gonna brag but I do have a gnarly record collection dating back to about 1982 when I bought my first records. I worked in record stores all through High School and would probably still work at one if there were any left/ paid worth a shit. So we went into Sacramento one day on our trip and went into the Beat. Very cool old record store which I went to about 10 years ago for the first time. I browse around and don't really see any kind of order to there Punk/ HC records so I ask the guy behind the counter. He says they don't really have that much but some one just sold off there 7" collection and I could go thru that stuff if I wanted. It was like winning the fucking lottery for me. Pulled out 22 records and asked what he would price them at" I guess like 40 bucks is fair". WHAT THE FUCK. I threw down my money and booked out of there so fast there was smoke coming off my vans. Anyways so here are the top 5 records out of the 22 so far. 

Number 1 The Mummies-Double Dumb Ass - Well this takes care of the 40 bucks I spent because this double ep is worth double what I paid for the whole lot. Seriously the best trashiest surf/punk/garage band ever. All these fakes ass shitty kids think they invented terrible guitar playing and singing but these mummified MFers wrote the book. Many Many post ago I wrote about there song Food, Sickles, and girls. It is on here and I am so grateful to finally have it on vinyl.

Number 2. Headcleaners-Disinfection- As far as I can tell they are from Sweden and they are pissed the fuck off. This is a 1991 reissue but the OG came out in 1981 and it has 5 tracks all crazy fast style HC and if you close your eyes it sounds allot like early GBH. I am a sucker for old school gruesome hand drawn cover art. I will buy them every time I can and this one caught my eye real quick like. 

Number 3. The Fits-Tears of a Nation- It is funny but just by having Charged hair in a picture I knew what this was gonna sound like. Crazy good. I had never heard of them so this was just a good guess. 1984 British fast heavy punk rock. Allot like Discharge but a little heavier. Good vocals and the guitar has that buzz saw ripping your face off sound. Already played it back to back so I am stoked to get my hands on something new that is only 30 years old or so. 

Number 4. Murder City Devils-Dancin Shoes. Way back in a time when I still did not have a computer or the know how to even turn one on friends told friends about bands. Such is the case with the Murder City Devils. Must of been about 1998 when I first heard them. I was up the street at a little BBQ some girls where having and on the boom box was the Empty Bottles Broken Hearts lp. So blown away with the slow style but the music had a bitchin swagger to it that really worked. I went that night and bought the LP and have listened to it hundreds of times. All there records are good but the this lp was the best one ever. So off that this ep is one of my all time songs ever. So just getting to blast it was awesome. Like all good bands they burn an intense flame then they sputter out to nothing. Sad really

Number 5. Damage- Jay Walk- I am only putting this on because it was so bad it was good. Seriously it is from 1984 and it has awesome skulls and skateboards and great lyrics but I did not notice that it has synth guitars and synth bass as instruments. Real drumming( kinda) and a very lackadaisical singer. Songs are serious I think but with the silly bleeps and bloops and silly riffs going on I just laughed all the way through it. But as I write this I put it on again and there is some pop infusion that is very fun. Think Black Flag meets Devo. Pretty fucked up but worth a listen. This may be the only record that has ever fucked me with hand drawn awesome skulls and terrible everything else.

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  1. Awesome my hard core, punked out man, only ever heard of the Headcleaners, who I think moved to London, treasure trove of history dude, splendid stuff and seriously groovy blurbs, top hole !!!