Sunday, September 9, 2012

Left Side Done

Yes I am going insane but the progress is going well. Got the clutch arm extended today and then built the heim set up so everything works smooth. A solid 1/8 th of clearance and all is well. Jumped up on the bike and got it pretty good just by playing around with the pedal. Feels real weird pushing the clutch with your foot. It is gonna be fucked learning how to ride with a jockey set up. I did it years ago to a jap bike but it was shit and I switched it back after a week or so. No going back at this point. I wanted to see how the pipes looked black so I spent a good hour finish welding them and then work the pipes over. I will spend a few more hours on them but so far so good. Little bit of chrome makes them pop. Just need the coil and top motor mount figured out and I will blow it apart and get to work on the frame. Seriously there is allot to fix/weld/smooth/ and work over. Still am waiting on my new rear tire so I can get the brakes figured out. Just the old waiting game. Waiting for money and parts. Enjoy

1 comment:

  1. Looking great man, love the work on the primary inner and outer, pipes are the biz, good job indeed.