Friday, September 28, 2012

So True

 Been so busy this week I really haven't even had a chance for Daddy blogging. So as of right now the bike is about 90% built. Decided on a NOS Wassel tank that I have had for years at this point. Bought it, sold it and then bought it back again.  Cut the old mounts off and remade the tank mounts, also added a third 1/4 NPT bung  where the petcock will be. I am gonna use the back two bungs for a cross over line. I found a cheap set of pipes to cut up and do a low 2 into 1. Coil is on, carb, tank, battery fits, etc etc. Maybe by Sunday I will blow it apart and get going on the frame. I will take pics tomorrow. As a side note I have never had this happen to me but some day just maybe if my beard is sweet enough and I get a couple more blasters girls will indeed just get naked for no reason other then my sweet tattoo's and beard. Nah most girls that like tattoo'd bearded gnarly dudes I don't want nothing to do with. True story.

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