Saturday, September 8, 2012

Top 5 Saturday

 Its been awhile since I've done a top 5 so here it goes Top 5 Desert Island artist.

Number 1. Johnny Cash- The man is the best of the best period. He has sad songs, happy songs, songs about killing people, and songs about true love. Just amazing. All his records even the 70's ones have killer tracks on them. The last three records he made before he died where the opus of his career. Rick Rubin has a way with getting the best out of people and on those American Recording records it is the best. Buy all of them and fall in love with music again.

Number 2. Black Sabbath- Seriously if I have to even say why then I would hate you. So god damn good anytime anywhere any volume I swear they were on another planet. Drugs probably helped but I find myself rocking out straight up headbanger style at least once a week to all the records back to back.  I could do with out hearing Iron man ever again but besides that I swear they are all gems.

Number 3. The Clash- Joe Strummer is one of my ultimate idols. Rare is the fact that he could actually be the only person that I hold in a very high regard. I have read everything I can get my hands on. He wrote crazy good songs and lived a amazing life. As for the Clash goes the songs themselves hold there own ground and go the gammit from straight up punk rock, Dub, rockabilly, and service announcements with guitar. So fucking good. I love the Mick  songs as well and right now I singing all of them in fast forward trying to think of my favorite. I can't because they are all so good. The live record From Here To Eternity is the best live record of all time. Like The Who Live at Leeds level shit.

Number 4. The Sonics- Straight up the punkest band in the world ever. For a 60's garage band they played the raunchiest most bad ass fuzzed soaked trashed out rock and roll mother fucking music period. The Witch is the song that got me hooked. It sounded like a caveman banging two rocks together and in the most awesome way two rocks can be banged together. They do the hits as well like there version of Louie Louie is the best. I personally think it has the first punk guitar break down ever. If you don't believe me find the track and give it a listen. Buy everything and be stoked and just think that these songs are damn near 50 years old now. Crazy

Number 5. My Bloody Valentine- This is one of those bands that made me love playing guitar. So much tone in there music. Layers and layers of feedback with lush bass lines floating around filling up the space between your ears. Genius almost to the level of being retarded is how it went for the band. There is a lost record somewhere that never saw the light of day. There very first record sounds like the Cramps then two years later there Isn't Anything LP comes out and just destroys the world with the songs and the level of pure pop genius. Cute ladies never hurt a band so have girls that can actually play well and sing is just the makings for epic shit. Buy EVERYTHING LIKE NOW STUPIDS.

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  1. About bloody time Anchorman, and what a way to make a comeback, outstanding selection my man !!