Thursday, September 20, 2012

Respect The Machines

One of the side trips we did is go to Jamestown and ride the train. Originally it was all steam locomotives and the rail company has been in use since 1897. We got to ride on the 1952 Diesel engine because they only run the steam engine once a week now. For the price of the 40 minute ride you also get to go into the fully operational blacksmith and  old machine shop. Let me just say that I was freaking out at all the cool shit in the shops. Originally the entire machine shop was run on belts so if one machine was being used all the machines were cranking. They showed us the first aid kit which included a bucket and multiple tie off ropes. As in fools lost limbs often. No thank you, but honestly if you like or love in my case all things mechanical it  should be a must some day. Look up Railtown 1897 or google Jamestown railroad and have a more in depth looksy.


  1. Awesome, jeez, 'tie-off ropes' sounds ominous, fearless types back then, always been a huge fan of the huge locos built during the war to do the high pass through the west, love my history lessons, cheers Anchorman.

  2. Man, was so het up reading the post I went off in search of . . . . they were the "Big Boys", bloody massive, so tough, gonna post the vid I found, thanks for the inspiration buddy, toot, toot !!