Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Questions You Should Never Ask Yourself

1. Why did Jawbreaker break up and why don't they get back together?
2. Why are there so many fucking retards in this world?
3. Am I the only one that feels like this?
4. If I have two Harleys does it matter if I buy another?
5 Why the fuck did I buy that Plymouth?
6. Is the song Scum written about me?
7. Is it wrong to eat ice cream every single night?
8. Does the world only revolve around being greasy and not sleeping.? 
9. Is the new OFF! record going to be as good as the last?
10. Do I care if I ride a bike that has a swingarm?
11. Is it possible that I am lusting after a stock motorcycle?
12. Do redheaded girls know how evil they are and what they do to my brain just being on earth?
13. Raising kids is hard fucking work and it keeps getting harder, why is that?
14. Does being a punk rocker really matter at this age?
Went and drove the Plymouth today. Yes it runs but there is something wrong with the starter and the gas tank is full of shit. Still while it was running it was pretty fun to be cruising. Old cars are the jam yet still just another money pit. Bright side is the shovel is fucking perfect right now.

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