Saturday, November 30, 2013

Buyers Remorse ..........

Let me just say I don't ever have it. That is buyers remorse. I can already see myself destroying my backyard as well as myself on my new 1981 MX 175 Yamaha. Never had one so it is so much fun just staring at it and making mental notes to what needs attention first. 120 dollars well spent in my book. Anyone out there that may have one of these IT, DT, or MX models let me know if you have a parts bike laying around. I need a bunch of little parts. Went to a junk sale and found this old Bug eye aircleaner, the final touch to the Sportster project. The last picture is of the tail loop I am molding in. Weld weld weld grind, weld weld weld grind, its almost there and a coat of self etch should be on it by tomorrow night. Very little amount of bondo and then I will get it painted by next weekend. I am gonna take my time putting it back together. Every part will be cleaned and inspected. Repainted, polished or serviced then put back on the bike. Ordered my 10.5 shocks and I welded in my bung for the brake stay. Kinda sucks having to weld on chrome but sometimes you have to just thrash and hope a nice shiny washer covers it up enough. 
Top 5 Saturday Is all About Truths.

Number 1.Being an introvert in a extroverted world sucks.

Number 2. Motorcycles make me happy when everything else makes me feel like shit.

Number 3. Motorcycles should not be the only things that makes me happy.

Number 4. If I had a million dollars I would still have old crusty shit that I'd have to work on. Just A LOT more of it. 

Number 5. Saying your sorry is the hardest fucking thing in the world to say.

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