Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday Night Sat sat sat sat Saturday Night!

You want to know the quickest way to get depressed. Find a picture of yourself from 20 years ago. Man I do love these straw hats. Still wear them all the time. Shawna and I think the other girls name was Amy in Vegas in about 1994 I think. FUCK time goes fast. So I decided the Crack Pipe had lived its full life and now it is on to the swingarm project. Already totally digging it so that is good. Tore the bike down and mocked up the Swingarm this afternoon. Funny it takes months to get these bikes put together and in about an hour they are just a pile on the ground. So as of now I am gonna sell the carcass of the Crack pipe. You will get the frame, tank, oil bag, fender, struts, wiring and battery. 1200 bucks takes it. All you need is a front end, wheels,and a motor and you are rolling chopper style. As for the shirts here is the deal. I have not done  a new tshirt in a few years and these are the last of the old style. I have 7 medium shirts left and that is it. If you are not fat or just a medium sized fellow paypal me 5 dollars at and I will send it out. This does apply to the 48 only if you live out of the first world hit me up as I am only charging for the shipping. Basically the shirt is free. OK

Saturday Top 5
Top 5 Reasons To Wear Straw Hats

Number 1. They fucking look good.

Number 2. The are cheap like real cheap.

Number 3. They keep the sun off of my bald ass head just as good as your lame ass baseball hat.

Number 4. They do not make you look tough like if I was wearing a ten gallon Stetson. Yet I look tough because I don't fucking care. 

Number 5. They last forever if you take care of them. I have been wearing the same one for like 8 years and it is still going strong. Riding my snapper, drinking my Arnold Palmer and wearing my Straw cowboy hat. Timeless.

And yes the Rollers sang it best

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