Monday, November 11, 2013

Late Top 5

Been thinking a lot about the next tattoo's I am gonna get. I go through phases of getting some then none for a long period of time. It is something that always draws me back in. Watched the Flake And Flames Documentary last night and I actually really liked it. I will admit that it does have a bunch of old hip artist and builder types so it sits well with me. Anyone that can say" The Kids Don't Know Shit" and know they are correct is alright in my book. I am lucky to have been around that time frame when the whole Kustom Kulture world really was blowing up. 1993 was filled with the first real car shows I drove my own car to and the Mooneyes show was my first. Ed Roth, Robert Williams, Coop, Kozik, all were there and blew my mind. 20 years later people think this world has always existed. It hasn't. I really got into Gearhead Magazine in the 90's because it had it all, everything I was into. Cars, and punk rock. Each issue came with a 7 inch record and I have every issue. I don't think mags like Dice and Greasy Kulture could exist with out Gearhead. Anyways I will say this not once in the whole movie did anyone say the word RETRO. If so I would have turned the fucking thing off. The word RETRO is just another way of marketing something fake. If you live your life in the same way they did 60 years ago then that has nothing to do with being RETRO. If you dress up for Rockabilly night then the rest of the week you dress like a tool well then your a tool. It can't be Halloween everyday folks. People like myself and quite a few of you out there build, or paint, or just ride your bike because there is a dieing urge to do so. An unspoken drive that compels you to lay in bed and think about making a bracket or how to tune a carb. It is real, and it is forever.  Being analog in a digital world is the real battle.

Top5 Tattoo's on the board

Number 1. Converge- By far my favorite Hardcore band ever. They have a song called Aimless Arrow. Lyrics are brutal and I am gonna get a arrow tattoo'd facing  out into the sky. Noone else will know but me. Fuck em

Number 2. Get Shea to finish my side piece. It has only been two years. Shit for a small dude he can hand your ass to you under the needle. 

Number 3. Black Flag bars. Think I am gonna due some huge black flag bars on my tummy. Inside of the bars I will do a full on scene of lowrider type shit. Roses and skull cholos. Lowrider cars and a shovel head with a naked girl in the sombrero. NO FUCKING CLOWNS. I hate clowns and they are one of my only childhood fears that has stuck with me. Fuck Clowns. 

Number 4. Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try. 

Number 5. Ive got this old Rat Fink Decal that has the RF playing a surf guitar. I've got a good spot on my leg and I have always wanted a Roth tattoo.


  1. I guess a hippy clown drivin' Surfite is out-of-the-question?

  2. i got nothing but time homie, come on in anytime