Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sportster Muscle Flexing.....

So Like I said it is ready and actually  just walked in from blowing it apart. Pushed it outside to take a gander at it in the open air. Sat it outside and just stared at it for about 20 minutes. Made some mental notes about some detail stuff and pushed it back in. Had to build another one of these wrap around fork stops. Once they are all molded in and painted they are cool and work great. No matter what forks you run these work. Built a 2 into1 header out of some scrap pipes and they are gonna be ceramic coated black and I will leave the muffler chrome. Built the frame loop out of 3/4 round stock. Fucking not fun trying to get the loop even and then opened up to fit into the frame stubs. Once all the welding and smoothing out is done they will look like they were always there. Welded the fender piece on and they will all be molded in. Got my Haifley Bros seat mounted and I am gonna run the P Pad because it makes a good stop for my ass. The big picture is to have my Noot Built Stroker motor in this Hot Rod by the summer. I think he said it will be 77 cubic inch Sportster motor at that point. I have always liked the 70's Muscle bike look and this thing with the 16 rear and 19 front both in Avon MkII rubber looks tough as nails. Basically lowered 3 inches front and rear and I need to buy some 10.5 shocks still. These were just for mock up and are 10. Did some trick mounts for the tank I will show later and Id say in the next week it will be ready to paint. Oh yeah I am totally gonna run the Flying Weasel Painted Wassell. Had to fix the split seam which was not so bad so when the next one goes I will handle it like a pro. Welding gas tanks is hairy scary shit. Even after rinsing it out like 5 times I get all sketched out the first blip of the welder. So Happy Tofurkey day.

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