Friday, November 1, 2013

Flathead on the Brain

Can't wait to get going on my Flathead. This will be the first year in five years I think I am not pulling either of my bikes apart to redo. They both are done for now and I will winterize the Ironhead and keep the Shovel in running status for the days it may be warm enough for a ride. So I have a few customer bikes to work on over the cold months and other then that I am gonna slave away on the 51. List of shit I am gonna do.
 3 inch dropped axle
Flathead swap
Sand body again
Figure out what color to paint it.
Clean the inside up
Take out a few rear springs.
Box the entire front of the frame. 
New brake lines everywhere.

Top 5 Motors Looks or Performance?

Number 1. Buick 322- 401 Nailhead
Number 2. Ford 49-53 Flathead
Number 3. Ford 390-460 Big Block
Number 4 Chevy 235-250 Straight 6
Number 5. Buick Roadmaster Straight 8


  1. the straight 6 will get you all over.....

  2. 235 and 250 straight sixes are two different birds each requiring their own separate category. Especially to an old-time guru such as yourself.