Saturday, November 16, 2013

Perfectness and Simplicity

This might be the perfect Cafe Ironhead I have ever seen. Of course that is in my eyes and if your eyes disagree then they are broken. I have stared at this thing like twenty times and just love the flow. Think that is a Ducati scrambler tank. Love shouldered rims and the tail section is fit perfect for looks and butt stop. I have said it before but all the bikes I have ever lusted after are because I wish to ride them. If I can't see myself on them then I have no interest at all. So with that little fluff this morning here goes my Top 5 for this second week of Nov.

Top 5 Things I Love About Motorbikes.

Number 1. Freedom
Number 2. No Rules
Number 3. True Love
Number 4. Patience tester
Number 5. Time travel


  1. Think you're right mate re the Ducati single squashed jelly-mould tank, cool as your winter.

  2. Strange buddy, thought I had the Anchor Operation on my sidebar already, but it weren't . . . it is now man.