Sunday, May 20, 2012

But My Life in Prospective

Once again I am gonna blab a little about some shit. You may know or not know Todd K. He has had cancer for 3 + years and is still fighting the good fight. I can not say he is doing well but he is alive and the toughest mother fucker to ever walk the earth. I have not really known anyone with cancer first hand. Let me just say that I don't know if I could do what he has done. At the same time I feel guilty that I have my little routine and ideas of what are important. My life is fucking rock and roll and I should never feel hum drum about it. Todd is the wildest, funniest, free thinking person I have ever known and all I can do is hope and wish he gets better. He is now only able to write down on paper what he wants to say and let me just say the man could talk your goddamn ear off if you let him. Even so he was writing jokes and talking shit on paper and I miss him being around. So here is to Todd and anyone that has known somebody with cancer.  Oh and also he has the most awesome wife Leslie that is his rock and anchor. She is the one that has taking the weight and ran with it. I sit and worry about building bikes and where I am gonna eat lunch. Not a single minute should be wasted in this life. I Don't relax or sit and smell the roses. I want more from this world then it is willing to give me. Todd has beat the shit out of the world since youth and till the day he stops breathing he will fight tooth and nail. Another fine lessons from Todd. I went and visited him today and when I left I felt like screaming, crying, running away, and then I thought of my kids and my plans for the future. I hope Todd is around to see them. Love my Punk Rods Brother more then he will ever know.


  1. What a great tribute to Todd! So sorry about his condition; you have been a great friend to him. He knows how much you care.

    Love you,

  2. You just be there for him man, it's all you can do, relecting and putting shit in perspective always goes down like that, I'm fifty and in the last decade I've lost so many mates who were great people, fitter, healthier and nicer than me. A close, dear buddy and guitarist in my second band died on Xmas day seven years ago and that was a total crusher, the worst of all. You just gotta get on and live it, like they would want you to, don't be down on yourself too hard. Be strong for him and his wife, be there, but don't think you can't let it out to your friends, it's alright to feel your own pain. Sympathies man, nice post.

  3. Thanks and I am now starting to hate getting old. I hate saying good bye to honest true friends. The rest can get fucked but Todd was a solid grease loving gear head and he will be in a better place then here.