Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mini Bikes are the New Chopper

 This is war mate or something like that. So Torque Fest we are all bringing out mini bikes and having it out on the track. 3 laps or death those are the rules. Should be super fun and all the guys have spent more time putting there minibikes together then there cars. Oh well it is gonna be a blast anyway you look at it. Here is my fully rigid(chopper snob) 3.5 horse power war machine. May not be the fastest but my skills going round should help greatly. Can't wait to hang out with Noot and Michael and anyone else that steps up. Say hi and we can waste some time talking about choppers.  Decided to bring the 79 due to it is tried and true. The 63 is on my shit list at the moment. See ya I will be back in a week.

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